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What should I expect on my first visit?

At the first consultation a thorough case history is taken to find out all about your health and current symptoms in order to gain a greater understanding on how to assist you. 


After this, you will usually be asked to dress down to underwear so please wear a pair of shorts if this is more comfortable for you and then a spinal and joint assessment will take place which will involve observation, palpation (touch) of the muscles and joints and then some active and passive movements of the spine and extremity joints to get a better idea of how you are moving and what could be holding you back. 


Special tests may be used if deemed necessary which can include neurological, respiratory, abdominal and cardiovascular exams.


Afterwards if further testing is required for example blood tests you will be recommended to speak to your GP. 


Once a diagnosis has been made and it is safe to treat, treatment will begin during the initial appointment. However please note treatment is not guaranteed. If it is unsafe to treat before further testing has been carried out this will be explained and as to the reasons why. It is rare, but does happen and as always, your safety is of most importance.


At the end of the session a plan can be discussed in terms of duration and number of sessions to best aid you in your recovery. 

What treatment methods are used?

A range of treatment methods are used including soft tissue (muscle) release including massage, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, percussive vibration, trigger point therapy and muscle energy technique stretching.

For the joints, traction, articulations and mobilisations are used including manipulations (adjustments) if required. 

Lifestyle and rehabilitation advice is also provided. 


Are there any risks with treatment?

Patients may experience mild to moderate pain following the treatment including a temporary increase in pain, aching and fatigue following treatment.

With manipulations there are greater risks (NCOR):

Serious patient risks: 1 per 100,000 to 1,000,000 manipulations.

The major risks include cerebrovascular injury, cauda equina, stroke, disc prolapse, fracture. 

This is why a  thorough case history is taken which will take into account as much as possible regarding your general health, bone health and cardiovascular health and if deemed unsafe a manipulation will not be used.


If you have any concerns regarding this please speak to your practitioner and remember that treatment will always be a partnership between you and your practitioner, and if you prefer to avoid certain techniques please inform them and they will be happy to alter the treatment techniques. 


Where can I park?

Please input the whole address into a satnav as the postcode by itself will take you to a different location. As you enter the black gate at the entrance to the business units at Eppingdene, please park over on the right hand side by the orange wall (see image provided). 

There isn't a waiting area so please park up and walk to unit 10 a couple of minutes before your appointment time. 

Unit 10 is the next unit behind Eppingdene Automotives.



How can I pay?

Cash or card is accepted. 

Please be aware we do not currently work with private insurance so payments will need to be paid at the end of each session by yourself unless you are currently on a treatment plan which has been paid upfront.

What should I wear?

For your first appointment you may be required to dress down to your underwear so bring or wear a pair of shorts if preferred. For following appointments only certain clothing may need to be removed depending on the area being worked on.


Try not to wear anything too restrictive e.g. jeans. For women, a normal bra is better than a sports bra which can sometimes restrict certain areas on your back being worked on. These are guidelines however, and during the session we will work within your comfort zone. 


What if I need to cancel?

Bookings need to be cancelled by giving at least 24 hours notice. If less than this is given then the full deposit will be lost.

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